Earring Display Board - Checkerboard Print (Black / White)

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Hey Polly Earring Display Boards are the earring storage solution you need in your life!

I wanted to create an easy and artsy option for you to display your collection. So many of you have an ever growing collection. And I wanted a gorgeous way for you to display them. 

Here’s a list of just some of the reasons why this is the best earring display EVVVAAAHHH⁣!
💜 It’s art for your walls.. and it stores your earrings safely.⁣
💙 If your collection is big or small.. let’s say it’s big, well you can stack your earrings up really close and fit HEAPS on. And if your collection is just starting.. you can take advantage of the awesome artwork in the background and section your earrings out.⁣
💚 As your collection grows you can get another and stack it right beside. Or have them in different areas of your home where you get ready.

💛 Most earring boards require you to fiddle a bit to get the backs off your earrings. This makes putting your earrings away a bit of a chore. However with our earring boards you simply pop them on.. backs off or on whatever you  like!

🧡 They are mainly designed for studs and stud top dangles but if you have some hoops or hooks you can pop the metal part of them in too (it’s just not as secure as it is with dangles and studs). ALSO you can use a thumb tack 📌 and put that in your board and hang your necklaces off it too!

❤️ They can rest against a wall on your dresser or you can use 3m backing strips to place them on your wall and you will have even more room to hang.

Andddddd it holds upto 96-ish pairs of earrings per board depending on the size.

That is just a few examples of why I (and those of you who already own them) love my earring boards so much!! I’m so glad I can offer something to you that gives me comfort in knowing you can store all your pretty Polly’s safely and of course beautifully! 🥰

Now get ready to take earring organisation to the next level! ❤️ Peta xo
💛 About (Materials / Measurements)

Measures 31cm x 3cm

Made from high quality cork and MDF

💛 I'm Unique

You will be receive the item pictured or near identical piece.
Due to the nature of the making process you may see slight differences. This is normal due to the hand making progress and not a fault - It is part of their unique charm xo

We do our best to capture the true colour of our products. Colours in real life may vary slightly depending on the medium in which you are viewing the product. 

💛 Care Info


To clean use a Hey Polly cleaning cloth, a cloth used for glasses will also work. Something smooth and microfiber. Please don't wet any of these items.


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