Earring Display Boards!

Hey Polly Earring Display Boards are now here!!

We wanted an easy and artsy option for you to display your collection. So many of you have an ever growing collection. And we wanted a gorgeous way for you to display them. What is great about this design is it is slim, lightweight (you can use 3m medium picture hanging grips for displaying on a wall, or due to the solid mdf backing you can sit in on your dresser and lean it against a wall). The best part is - it is the easiest way to store your earrings. Keep the backs on and simply pin them in! 

With our really striking artwork in the background they even look amazing when you haven’t got many earrings on the board, if your just starting your collection. If your not keen for the HP logo you can cover that in earrings too and you won’t see it. Perfect to display all your HP earrings if you want a dedicated Hey Polly Board. I have also used mine for other makers designs, some which are heavier pieces like polymer clay and our board still holds them extremely well!

Putting earrings away and displaying them neatly no longer has to be a chore! Also if your anything like me, I try several on before I leave the house.. and instead of having the thread the posts through holes and put the backs on.. I simply pop them on the board with the backs already on.. Easy peasy! And let’s not forget the board looks gorgeous too!


This collection is currently sold out! But please don't worry 🥰 We are currently making and getting the next restock ready! Please follow our Instagram @heypollyau to know when to check back for here for restock / new releases! Thank you ❤️