Hey Lovely!

I’m Peta, the girl boss behind Hey Polly!

I am the owner, creator, illustrator, designer of everything you see at Hey Polly. 

All my earrings are designed by me and are my original designs. Sometimes we collaborate with other artists which is always specified in the product description. Most of my earring designs are first laser cut, before I glue and assemble them. Some of my designs are also manufactured to achieve the result I am after.

I absolutely love to draw and design and it’s what gets me up in the morning and all I think of all night. It’s not uncommon for me to grab my phone in the middle of the night and write down ideas or scribbling them out before I go back to them and draw them properly.

Earring boards, accessories, décor, clothing all designed by me. This means when you purchase Hey Polly you are purchasing my art and something unique. I put a lot of love and energy into my passion, making jewellery, accessories, clothing, anything I think will absolutely be loved and running my business. I love earrings, fashion and to create wearable art that’s especially recognisable to my brand.

My pieces are designed from my home studio in Melbourne, Australia with (what we call our CHI-Children) our little Chihuahuas Winston and Kitty keeping me company. My wonderful hubby Hayden has another job and helps out too when he can. As well as my amazing mum Gina who helps peel acrylics and assemble and card from time to time (she draws the line at gluing 😆) and my darling Mother in law Wendy who helps with Admin (not a fun task). As the business grew that was my first part I was ready to hand over lol.

I always had a skill for creating I have never found anything more fun. I am the quirky, artsy/creative type with a flair for fashion so I always wanted a career in it. I knuckled down and honed in on my techniques until I perfected them. First starting with polymer clay earrings. I made it official when I started Hey Polly back in Jan 2017 while working another full time job. And I’m now proud to say this is my full time gig! And I’m living my dream. All due to the support of my amazing customers LIKE YOU!!

Creating art is everything for me, and knowing you get to wear something that stands out, starts conversations, brings you confidence, makes you feel incredibly AMAZING is the driving force in what I do!

I'm so thankful for your support in my dream business. It brings nothing but joy to me to see the happiness a pair of statement earrings can bring. I know how I feel popping on a new fave pair.. it's a new power, a new confidence, it's making you feel like the fantastic fabulous unique person you are! If it's finding the special matching pair to an outfit.. or the perfect clash done right! When it comes to clothing it was always a dream for me to venture into designing my own pieces.. I am so glad it's all happening! (baby steps of course)

Wearable art is my game - I got you covered!

Our high quality suppliers / manufacturers we work with for jewellery, clothing, decor, earring boards are all a mixture of local same state, interstate or offshore. Majority of who we work with is in Australia but we do have offshore suppliers also for particular things we can't access within Australia. We have a great relationship with everyone we work with and it’s a huge part of my business as they are a part of my dream and my passion. Often doing google meet calls to talk through my designs, mediums and textiles. We would love to have absolutely every element of our business only in Australia but with particular designs, materials and work required it’s just not possible. Believe me I do my research diligently but sometimes there’s mediums or machines required with the work I do that just don’t exist in Australia. And I don’t find it as a negative as every one of us in this world is equal and deserving of a good job with fair wages and safe practices. The businesses and suppliers/manufacturers we work with are small/medium businesses like us. They share the same passion and are like extended limbs of my business and I couldn't do what I do without them.

You won’t ever find anything at Hey Polly that you see somewhere else (I think I have already said that but it's so important to me). Absolutely everything is designed by me and all starts from my little wacky brain to paper (or ipad / computer). Earring designs with shapes like circles, hoops and so on are common. But even with pieces like that you will see the Hey Polly flair.

If you want to keep up to keep up to date on all things Hey Polly it’s best to follow us on Instagram @heypollyau as well as subscribe to my emails. These two things will mean you wont miss out on knowing about new releases, impromptu restocks and behind the scenes. All my items are made and ready to ship. Some pieces I only ever make once or twice, others I choose to restock multiple times due to high volume requests.

Here for a reason, not just a season! 

There’s no denying in the jewellery, clothing and apparel industry waste is always a concern. It’s in the forefront of my mind this is another reason it’s so important to me to create pieces you will love and cherish and not want to throw away ever!

Our pieces are beautiful, fun and you want to wear them cause it makes you feel ammmazing. They are made with great care and quality. With the aim to stand the test of time with good care. To bring you joy from season to season for many years to come. With jewellery you can wear all year round. And (although we are just at the beginning of our clothing journey) I’ve designed pieces that can be styled many different ways with other pieces from your wardrobe, to take you through from hot months to cooler ones. Clothing is a little side gig for me within Hey Polly. Earrings are my main priority always, but clothing it is something I intend to grow.

We only use the highest quality mediums and materials in anything we do. Our jewellery and clothing are made to last! And we hope you enjoy them for years and years to come.

I notice I have gone from saying I, me to we throughout this.. it's the story of all small business owners lives. But I didn't want to write one of these 3rd person things you see on so many sites "Peta is a Melbourne based designer.. bla bla."

So basically, I could talk about my biz all day. I love creating amazing pieces for you. Wearable art is what it's all about! Let’s look fabulous and be fabulously fancy together! I hope you find one, or several of my designs you love. ❤️ Peta (A.K.A Polly) xo

Happy Shopping!

With love, rainbows & glitter,