Caring for your earrings / accessories!

Hey Lovely!
If you own or are thinking of purchasing some Hey Polly for your lobes! Here's some tips to help keep your earrings looking fresssshh!
• Don’t get em wet! Although our glue used is the strongest on the market. Wearing them in the shower or to swim could give your earrings a shorter life span. Also with hand painted or printed designs, exposure to water, perfumes, essential oils ect could remove some of the pretty artwork. 
• Try not to drop them. Most of our earrings are made from acrylic / resin and dangles are connected with jump rings. Dropping them could cause breakage so it’s a really good idea to take them off over a softer surface like a carpeted area.
• Try to keep them stored out of direct sunlight as this too will give them a longer life and keep the colours nice and bright! The better care you take when storing your earrings.. the better they will continue to look. Storing on a earring board is the best way. And you can grab all types of earring boards from many places. We sell some pretty awesome ones too! No fuss to display, simply leave your earring backs on and push them into the board. They also have artwork on them (designed by me - Peta) So they look really cool on your wall too!
• To clean your earrings use a damp cloth. That alone will remove make up, moisturiser and such. Just a gentle wipe, don’t rub too much.