Checkerboard Print (Studs) Black / Colourful

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Lightweight and loaded with personality, these earrings are perfect for days when you want to kick it old school with a modern edge. Whether you're hitting a punk gig, unleashing your inner rebel, or just adding a hint of punk nostalgia to your everyday look, the Checkerboard Statement Stud Earrings are here to make a statement.

The a colourful twist on a classic checkerboard print brings a fun punk aesthetic that's as bold as it is stylish. Pair them with your favorite denim jacket, a band tee, or for a pop of colour to your work attire.

Hey Polly ® Original unique statement earrings.

Earring Type: Acrylic Studs

Measurements: L 26mm / W 26mm

Surgical stainless steel (your sensitive ears will love our Polly's!) All designs uniquely Hey Polly ® 🥰 More handy info below;
💛 About (Materials / Techniques / Measurements)

Sooo much care and love goes into every single design. Our main love is Acrylic which you will see across most of my pieces. We don't use templates from manufactures we design our own - by "WE" I mean me: Peta 😊 Our acrylic pieces are sometimes layered, ink filled or etched with my designs or printed with my illustrations and a gloss front finish.

From time to time I use other mediums like wood and resin etc. The medium used (acrylic, wood and so on will be motioned next to earring type in the description section).

Jump rings (the little hoops that connect the earring bits together) are the strongest and highest quality on the market. Made for durability. I select colours that compliment the design just right 👌 The glue we used is also the strongest glue for gluing jewellery components. For info on how to take care of your pieces see care info tab or page.

💛 Measurements 💛

Dangles: We measure the length from the top of the studded dangle topper to the bottom of the earring. We measure the length from the widest part of the earring.

Hoops / Hooks : We use a variety of sized hoops so measure the hoop and earring piece separately. Earring piece length is measured from center top to bottom. Width is measured at the widest part of the earring.

Everything else.. length measured center top to bottom, width at widest part of the piece. All measurements can be found in the items description.

💛 The Earring Facts (Surgical stainless steel)

Sensitive ears? I hear you! (see what I did there? 😉)

All our earring stud posts, backings, hooks and hoops are made from high quality surgical stainless steel. Tarnish free and Perrrrfect for sensitive ears!

Most of our earrings are extremely light weight (yes even the really big ones). Anything double layered (so designs where you see more than one colour acrylic used on a single piece of the earring) can be heavier than single acrylic designs (depending on the size too). So if you are unsure it's always best to purchase one pair and then you will know for next time. We all have different sensitivities so always feel free to reach out if you have any questions at all xo

💛 I'm Unique

You will be receive the item pictured or near identical piece.
Due to the nature of the making process you may see slight differences/pattern variations This is normal due to the hand making progress and not a fault - It is part of their unique charm xo

We do our best to capture the true colour of our products. Colours in real life may vary slightly depending on the medium in which you are viewing the product. 

💛 Care Info


Here's some handy tips to help keep them looking fresssshh!

💜 Don’t get em wet! Although our glue used is the strongest on the market. Wearing them in the shower or to swim could give your earrings/accessories a shorter life span. Also with hand painted or printed designs, exposure to water, perfumes, essential oils etc. could remove some of the pretty artwork. 

💙 Try not to drop them. Most of our earrings/accessories are made from acrylic / resin and dangle earrings are connected with jump rings. Dropping them could cause breakage so it’s a really good idea to take them off over a softer surface like a carpeted area.

💚 Try to keep them stored out of direct sunlight as this too will give them a longer life and keep the colours nice and bright! The better care you take when storing your earrings and accessories the better they will continue to look. Storing on a earring board is the best way. And you can grab all types of earring boards from many places. We sell some pretty awesome ones too! No fuss to display, simply leave your earring backs on and push them into the board. Earring boards also work well as storage for our pins! You can store the pins on the board by removing the backs. They also have artwork on them (designed by me - Peta) So they look really cool on your wall too!

💛 To clean your earrings use a Hey Polly cleaning cloth, a cloth used for glasses (microfiber) or a damp cloth. That alone will remove make up, moisturiser and such. Just a gentle wipe, don’t rub too much.


🧡 To clean use a Hey Polly cleaning cloth, a cloth used for glasses will also work. Something smooth and microfiber. Please don't wet any of these items.

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