New Wave Tee Buckle - Flower, Size Large (Tort acrylic)

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Our New Wave Tee Buckles are here!

There’s now no need to be pulling on your clothing and stretching them making knots. Simply thread through our Tee Buckle and done!⁣

They will be your new best friend! Pair them with your fave earrings and outfit! ⁣

This large size is recommended for use to tie up thicker items like knits and cardigans. However also so great for large T-shirts that you are wanting to buckle up high around the waist. Perfect for most cardigans, kimono’s and knits for a closed cropped look. Omg the possibilities are freaking endless!!!⁣ For regular T-shirts you just want to tie on the side for example, we recommended the regular size. (Basically the bigger the buckle the more room for fabric to tread through). The less fabric the smaller size you want so the buckle stays secure. I really recommend trying out both the regular and larger sizes as you will absolutely love them both for different articles of clothing xo

Approx size - L: 77mm W: 78mm

Please take care when threading through your Tee Buckle. Although these are made from acrylic and the strongest Tee Buckle you will ever come across. It’s not made of steel, so just like earrings treat them kindly. 

Due to the nature of the making process you may see slight differences and variations in the pattern and texture between each pair. Some glitter pieces may have translucent sections, painted pieces varied pattern. This is normal due to the hand making progress and not a fault - It is part of their unique charm xo

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