Earring Display Board - Christmas Candy Cane Bow

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Hey Polly Earring Display Boards are the earring storage solution you need in your life!
I wanted an easy and artsy option for you to display your collection. So many of you have an ever growing collection. And I wanted a gorgeous way for you to display them. 
I used to find myself leaving earrings all over benches and just all over the place.. it becoming like a chore to put them all back on boards at the end of the week, month, whenever I got around to it. With this design this now never happens. They are so quick and simple to put away I do it as soon as I take them off. Keep the backs on and simply pin it in! To be used for studs and stud top dangles. However I use hair ties and pins to store my hoops on them too! 
This design is it is slim, lightweight, and with this gorgeous artwork.. it looks stunning in your home. What more could we want for the perfect earring storage!
I have only popped a couple of earrings on for our main photo but I have also added a photo of some of my own personal boards to show you how you can really take advantage of the space. Stacking earrings closer together. You can fit a crazy amount on! Depending the size of your studs + dangles, about 30-50 will fit just nicely!
Earring boards also work well as storage for our pins! You can store the pins on the board by removing the backs.
With our really striking artwork in the background (Designed by me, Peta Johns) they even look amazing when you haven’t got many on the board if your just starting your collection. If your not keen for the HP logo you can cover that in earrings too and you won’t see it. 
You can choose to mount the display on your wall with command 3m picture hanging strips (this is what I use for mine. You can pick them up at most supermarkets and Bunnings). Or due to the solid mdf backing, they are perfect for leaning up against a wall on your dresser or drawers too!
Measures 31cm x 31mm
Now get ready to take earring organisation to the next level! ❤️ Peta xo